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We utilize clear silicone molds which are in a high viscosity, liquid state at room temperature. We believe that silicone molds are the best option for fine jewelry and heavily deal with silicone molds. It is unsurpassed in the ability to pick up finite details while minimizing shrinkage.

Our silicone molds are vacuum sealed to ensure the absence of air pockets that may result in wax injections. We allow settling and curing of molds for approximately 8 hours to ensure proper setting. Our heavily experienced mold cutter then cuts the mold to ensure ease of wax injection and longevity of the mold.

Mold shrinkage is estimated as less than 1% for models.

Layered rubber molds available upon request.



Golden Century Inc has been servicing the fine jewelry industry with high quality casting for over three decades. We can cast from several different materials:

All injection waxes and hand carved waxes
3D resins from printers. We specialize in casting with Envisiontec printer resins.
Wax models from CNC Milling machines
Making molds and injecting waxes for casting

*Some 3D printer resins are subject to imperfect casts. An independent 3D printer company’s disclaimer that states their resin is “castable” differs from acceptable casting in fine jewelry standards. Individuals who submit resins that do not have an industry acknowledgement of the ability of good quality casting, submit their resins at their own risk.


Platinum? Casts Beautifully.



Manufacturing/Complete Servicing

We offer complete manufacturing services, we are your one stop shop. Take the headache out of jewelry production from keeping track of all your pieces that go to one shop on to another. Enjoy peace of mind that an image or wax you send us will come back to you a finished piece you can hand to your customer and collect your money. Or just select a style from our library of ever growing designs and you can receive just the mounting, semi-mounting, or complete piece.

We have setters on staff that can handle your setting jobs as well as meticulous polishers to bring out only the best out of your jewelry.

If you require large quantity production and manufacturing, please contact us. We can hold molds for order fulfillment and complete finished goods servicing.

Computer Aided Design.

As simple as you’d like. As advanced as you’d like.


Catered to you.

We have a wide range of designers with varying skills that we can match to your needs.

From engineering focused to help you design systems and locks to CAD designers that have helped bring award winning designer’s pieces to life.


How you start something is how you end it.

The best part of all our designers is that they are jewelers by trade. This allows them to know the proper proportions and sizes to make sure the finished design is a piece that can be manufactured beautiful.


3d printed as precise as our designs.

We utilize EnvisionTEC printers for our designs. The industry leading printers provide the best prints at the most precise resolutions allowing us to keep the maximum amount of quality at every step.


Some Things Technology Can’t Do better.

A premiere service by Golden Century Inc. Handmade platinum designs for the most luxurious pieces. Selling the most high-grade stones require a mounting to match. Let our master jewelers hand fabricate the perfect ring for you. Contact us for more info!