Manufacturing/Complete Servicing

We offer complete manufacturing jobs for our clients. We are your one stop shop for any piece of jewelry, from the beginning stages of design, to 3-D modeling, to investment and casting, to pre-polish and setting, to final buff and rhodium. Take the headache out of jewelry productions from keeping track of all your pieces that go to one shop on to another. Enjoy peace of mind that an image or wax you send to us will come back to you a finished piece you can hand to your customer and collect your money. Or just select a style from our library of ever growing designs and you can receive just the mounting, semi-mounting, or complete piece.

We have artisan setters on staff that can handle your setting jobs as well as meticulous polishers to bring out only the best out of your piece of jewelry.

If you require large quantity production and manufacturing, please contact us. We can hold molds for order fulfillment for complete finished goods servicing. All you need to do is deliver your piece and get paid!