3D Printing

At Golden Century, we kindle a culture that is extremely meticulous with every aspect of our manufacturing process. We are firm believers that every design, every project, has to start with the best model possible. That is why we acquired the industry-leading Envsiontec Light Manufacturing system.

This state-of-the-art 3D printer is able to capture all the finite details of any ring and bring it to life. The quality that this machine builds at is above and beyond for what is called for in fine jewelry, but we believe better quality only adds to beauty of an artfully designed piece of jewelry.

After many years of casting with the EC500 resin from Envisiontec, we have been able to fine tune our casting technique to bring out the absolute best casting possible using this resin. Our clients enjoy great resolution from the 3D model that is translated to gold by our fine tuned casting techniques.

Our Envisiontec P3 can build at tiny layers as 15 microns, which most fine jewelry models are more than sufficient with 35 microns. As a result, our models will show a night and day difference in surface quality that other printers claim to have. Even though a printer may build at smaller resolutions of up to 15 microns, it is the resolution at those microns that dictate the surface quality and overall quality of the build.

The video shows a time-lapsed build process by the Envisiontec Perfactory 3D printer.